Sunday, October 12, 2008


The other day Lyla some how got a pack of gum and opened every single piece. Luckily I found her before she was able to eat any...or so I thought. Later that day Lyla fell asleep in my bed and we moved her into her bed for the night. In the morning Jesse went to get her out of bed and woke me up by showing me that there was a little suprise in Lyla's hair...a huge piece of green gum! I guess she ate some of the gum and spit it out on my bed!! That's how she got it in her hair. We tried to get it out without having to cut her hair but it was stuck pretty good and she kept crying cause it was pulling her hair. So we finally decided we would have to cut it out...luckily her hair is so uneven and curly that you cant really tell where we cut.

After we cut out the gum.

Sad Lyla