Saturday, January 7, 2012

11 Months Old

This post is a little late but with the holidays and being sick, blogging just isn't a priority.

Parker turned 11 months old on December 28th. I CAN NOT BELIEVE he is almost one!!! He doesn't sleep through the night and he has no teeth. He still is a mama's boy which I don't mind ;), although it would be nice to go to the bathroom without him crawling to the door crying for me...Parker doesn't walk yet but I think he will in the next couple months. He has started drinking cows milk here and there and seems to like it, but he still prefers nursing. Oh and one more thing, he is terrified of certain balls and toys that vibrate or move. Silly boy.

And of course no photoshoot of Parker would be complete without the usual crying pics.

I think I actually have more pictures of him crying then doing anything else...