Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bow Frame

I have been meaning to do something about all the hair bows I have. I was keeping them in a shoe box which is definitely not ideal when you are looking for a specific bow. So I decided to make something to see ALL the bows at once. I am sure this has been done by other people and its really not a big deal but I thought I would post about it anyways. I bought a frame from the D.I. for 50 cents and painted it black. I then stapled some left over fabric from when I made my girls tutu's into a criss cross pattern(I have seen other people use chicken wire instead). It took about 30 minutes which seems like a lot of time but that is because I was pushing kids away from the wet paint most of the time. You know how it is...

The box...

Before the bows...

After the bows...

I think it turned out pretty good. I am very happy with it!


I was at the store and tried this wig on Lacee. I was cracking up!! I also tried it on Lyla but she kinda freaked out and threw it so no pic, o well.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I can't believe I am already halfway through my pregnancy...I am feeling pretty good compared to my other pregnancies. Although I seem to have to pee a lot more often with this one...apparently the placenta is right around my belly button so there is nothing blocking this baby from continuously hitting my bladder...makes falling asleep that much harder. Since I have a anterrior placenta and have previously had a c-section, they are going to monitor me a little closer which means more ultrasounds, which are fun anyways right? I feel my baby boy moving all the time which makes me feel confident that everything is going well.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter...

Most girls would be very offended if someone says they are like their mother...I am of course one of them...For the past 3 years I have been carrying around a diaper bag as a purse, which is fine to me but I recently decided to buy myself a purse so I am not such a "soccer mom". Well I got one at Ross then came to my moms to show everyone...They all said it was much better then a huge diaper bag and that it was cute blah blah...then someone said, "It kinda looks like moms purse..." I always remember my mom having ugly purses like brown with gold buckles...but once I saw my moms purse, I was shocked!
Do you guys think they look alike? Mine is the one on the right, like that even matters...

We mix them up all the time... and the other day I actually walked out of the house with my moms purse instead of mine...sad day...

This is a picture of Kaelyns room for Katie...It turned out good huh?
Lacee is 16 months old today! Which means 2 more months till she goes to nursery, yay!! She is talking more and more everyday. Her favorite thing to say now is hello, which comes out "ellow". She is 18lbs7oz and is 28 3/4inches tall.

Of course I had to have a few pictures of my Lyla girl too who is now 3 and a half!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Little Brothers

Do these two even look related?

Ryan 9

Scot 6