Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lacee is 16 months old today! Which means 2 more months till she goes to nursery, yay!! She is talking more and more everyday. Her favorite thing to say now is hello, which comes out "ellow". She is 18lbs7oz and is 28 3/4inches tall.

Of course I had to have a few pictures of my Lyla girl too who is now 3 and a half!!


April and Wes said...

Lyla who is 3 1//2 and a total Stefan. BTW, if it makes you feel better I gave up purses for a diaper bag, way easier than carrying both. And, I borrow my mom's stuff all the time. haha

Katie said...

I love these girls! does lyla have one ear that sticks out more than the other, like me? I need to give them both some T loves. missing you guys :(