Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I can't believe I am already halfway through my pregnancy...I am feeling pretty good compared to my other pregnancies. Although I seem to have to pee a lot more often with this one...apparently the placenta is right around my belly button so there is nothing blocking this baby from continuously hitting my bladder...makes falling asleep that much harder. Since I have a anterrior placenta and have previously had a c-section, they are going to monitor me a little closer which means more ultrasounds, which are fun anyways right? I feel my baby boy moving all the time which makes me feel confident that everything is going well.


Katie said...

whoa!! yep, you're definitely pregnant!

Clarkson said...

Half way!? Awesome! I hope you don't need another c-section!!

Carrie said...

I guess I had forgotten that you guys were having a boy. What are you gonna do with one of those?! I guess he can play with Kristin's boys right?