Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do they look alike?

Some people say Lacee looks like Lyla. What do you think?





Thursday, May 21, 2009

This past week

This past week I have pretty much just been sleeping all the time. Thanks to my mother in law and sister in law who watche Lyla all day so I can just rest. I feel my body slowly recovering and I am down 24lbs(It amazes me how much water you retain while you are pregnant). 10 more pounds and I will be back where I was before this pregnancy. I am getting anxious to start working out and I would start now but im afraid my body is not ready yet. So I will wait another week or two. Lacee is doing great. She just eats, sleeps, and poops. What a life huh? She usually eats about every three hours and sleeps at night for sometimes 7 hours which is very nice. Here are a few new pictures...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

She's here!

Lacee Ann Michelsen
May 12, 2009 12:03am
7lbs 6oz 20in

On Thursday the 7th I started having some contractions. They were off and on all weekend and started getting stronger and more regular. Everyday I was hoping to go into real labor but the contractions seemed to go away at night. I had a dr. appointment on Monday the 11th at 8:30. I had only slept 2 hours that night cause I was just so uncomfortable and the contractions were stronger but still not close enough together to do anything about them. I went to the dr. and by then they were about 6 min apart. I was 95% effaced and dilated 1-2. The dr. said since I had a c-section before that she wanted me to go ahead and get checked into the hospital and that we were definitely having a baby today. So it took about 45 min to get all hooked up and everything and by then I was dilated to 2. So my body was doing something it was just a little slow. Then the dr. put something in me like a balloon type thing which hurt and made my contractions much stronger. The dr. said that I could have an epidural now if I wanted so I thought sure. Trying to sit up with that balloon catheter thing in me made my contractions come one right after another and they were very painful. They gave me the epidural and broke my water then they checked me right after and I was already at a 5. So it took me an hour to get from 2 to a 5. A few hours went by and not much progress. I started getting a fever so they gave me some antibiotics. A few more hours went by and I was still at a 5. So I think that is when they started pitocin. I was feeling pretty good, thank heaven for epidurals. I was freezing the whole time which I guess is cause I had a fever. I was shaking a lot but managed to fall asleep and slept for about an hour. They checked me at 11pm and I was fully dilated. I started pushing around 11:15 and she was here at 12:03am which was my actual due date. She had a pulse but wasn't breathing but they fixed that pretty quick. She didn't cry and still doesn't cry much. We left the hospital Wednesday morning around 10am and I have been in bed sleeping pretty much every day. I never thought about how exhausted I was going to be. My body hurts everywhere and I can't get enough sleep. Jesse has been so awesome taking care of me and taking care of Lyla. Jesses mom is here from California to help with Lyla while Jesse goes back to work next week. I am very grateful to have had my family watch Lyla while we were in the hospital and I am grateful that I have someone here to help me while I recover. Lacee is doing great and had no problems nursing. I am doing a little better but I guess red heads lose more blood then most people so I am still pretty dizzy and pale but feeling a little better everyday.

Lyla was very unsure about what was going on. My sister brought her to the hospital and she wouldn't even come near me or Lacee. Once we got Lyla to sit on the bed with me and Lacee, she looked at her and said "I don't want it" then quickly climbed off the bed. She is getting better now though, always kissing her and wanting to hold her.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost there

I have about 5 days left till my due date and I am feeling VERY big. I had a dr. appointment on Monday and she said that the baby is very high still, -3 station. I'm not dilated much but I am 50% effaced. I was having quite a bit of contractions here and there last Friday but they stopped. So we have just been waiting for something to happen. I always am thinking "what if I go into labor today?" then I list the things I would have to get done before I go to the hospital like, get Lylas stuff ready for her to stay at my sisters house and get my stuff ready to take to the hospital. I also think I don't want be in the hospital when the Lakers are playing cause who knows if the hospital will have cable lol. The longer I am pregnant though the more I don't care about anything besides wanting to have this baby!

39 Week Belly!

Friday, May 1, 2009

3 Year Anniversary

Three years, almost two kids, and some pounds later, I wouldn't trade Jesse for anyone in the world. Sometimes things get stressful but Jesse always finds a way to make it alright. We usually don't do anything too big for birthdays or anniversary's, but we decided to go out to dinner this time around so we went to this place called Timbermine which we knew was a little high in price before we went. Everyone said how good it is and that it is worth the price. But after eating there we decided its not worth the money. We are not big meat eaters but we got the prime rib with fries, salad and bread. The salad was small and they had put too much dressing on it, the fries looked like fries from Del Taco, and the bread was not warm(which I thought was odd). We also got fried mushrooms which were better than the meal itself. We wont be going there again and it was pretty disappointing that we went there for our anniversary but Jesse and I still had a good time alone together. I don't remember the last time we went out to dinner without Lyla but it was nice to be able to relax. We took a few quick pictures while we were heading out the door and they didn't turn out how I wanted but o well, enjoy!

The pretty flowers Jesse got for me =D

Life Lately

I have been getting really lazy about posting but nothing has been going on lately. It's starting to get warmer outside which is great. I planted some pea's a while ago and they are growing(yay!). I have been cleaning all the baby stuff and getting ready for this little one to arrive. I have been searching for months for a little white dresser for Lylas clothes so that I can use the changing table for the new babys clothes, but I haven't found anything decent in our price range so I cleaned out a couple of drawers from mine and Jesses dresser and hopefully that will be enough till we find something else. We are getting anxious to have this baby though we are nervous at the same time. We just found out that an epidural(which my dr said I have to have in case they have to do an emergency c-section) is $550 and we have to pay it before I get it. One night hospital stay is $1900 + $500 each additional night. We still owe the Doctor $1000, we have been paying $250 every appointment to go towards the delivery so we have paid over $2000 already. If we don't pay it all off right away it will cost about $9000 with interest. Yikes I know! I don't know how anyone affords to have kids. What a blessing it is that I haven't had any problems with this pregnancy. With Lyla I had problems and she was c-section(which I have no idea how much that is) and we had a lot less money then we do now but we had medicaid so we didn't see a single bill. Anyways, I was making a poll about how big this baby is going to be and when I am going to have her. I haven't gained as much weight with this pregnancy. My due date is May 12th. They delivered Lyla two weeks early and she was 7lbs 5oz. So everyone leave a comment and take a guess on the weight and time.

38 week belly

Hanging out with Dawson

Does she look guilty or what?

Lyla saying "cheese" for the camera

ps- May is brain tumor awareness month and Gray is the color! Take a look at my sisters store or check out this post on her blog to find out more!!