Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost there

I have about 5 days left till my due date and I am feeling VERY big. I had a dr. appointment on Monday and she said that the baby is very high still, -3 station. I'm not dilated much but I am 50% effaced. I was having quite a bit of contractions here and there last Friday but they stopped. So we have just been waiting for something to happen. I always am thinking "what if I go into labor today?" then I list the things I would have to get done before I go to the hospital like, get Lylas stuff ready for her to stay at my sisters house and get my stuff ready to take to the hospital. I also think I don't want be in the hospital when the Lakers are playing cause who knows if the hospital will have cable lol. The longer I am pregnant though the more I don't care about anything besides wanting to have this baby!

39 Week Belly!

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Katie Johnson said...

I love lil lyla in the background.