Saturday, February 28, 2009

Potty Training

I didn't think potty training would be so stressful. Or at least it was at first. We have been trying for about 2 or 3 weeks and at first she would have accidents on the floor A LOT! Then she started dancing a little when she had to go so I would make her sit on the potty for a while till she went. She would go like 2 times in her potty then 2 times on the floor everyday. It was frustrating...then on Thursday a light bulb must of went on in her head cause she went and sat on the potty without me saying anything!! I was so excited and thought maybe I should just stop bugging her about it. That day she went 9 times in the potty, she didn't have any accidents, and I never had to force her to sit on the potty!!! I am so happy she is starting to get it cause a week ago I felt like there was no hope. There is a little problem though, she uses her little training potty and if we are out some where she wont go on the big potty's. I have to put a diaper or pull up on her and I am hoping it doesn't make her take steps back.

Here is Lyla on her potty that plays music every time she goes. We bought her disney princess underwear and she is very excited about them.

Here is my belly at not quite 30 weeks...I feel so huge and I still have 2 and a half months to go!!

I haven't posted a picture of Jesse for a long time so here is Jesse doing what he does best. I thought I would brag a little about how awesome my husband is. He treats me like a queen. He wakes up at 6am, works out, showers, eats breakfast, makes my breakfast sometimes(its oatmeal in the rice cooker which keeps it warm till I get up). He goes to work at 8, comes home at 5:15 and 90% of the time makes dinner. I hate cooking and he says he enjoys doing it. Saturday mornings he always watches Lyla so I can sleep in longer. He would do anything for me no matter how unreasonable I am being. Not only does he support us financially, he is also a full time student working on getting his bachelors in software development. He ALSO has a financial website called (I don't know how he makes time to do everything that he does). I am so very grateful to have him as my husband. I would be lost without him. I love you honey!


The John Clarksons said...

I'm completely jealous and so excited about your potty training success! One year after first attempting it all with Ky, she still won't do it . . . You really are 30 weeks already? Wow!

Miliu(iiiii)(Plurual for Milius) said...

I love that girl! And the new one, who is quite large!

Katie Johnson said...

wow what an eventful blog!! how exciting about potty training! and I really liked the last part hearing about jesse. he really is a GREAT husband!! CJ doesnt have the patience to deal with all my issues. lol.