Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Update

Hello all. I thought I would give a quick update since I haven't posted for a while. I am 32 weeks pregnant and feeling uncomfortable, fat, and useless. I took the glucose test a couple weeks ago and the bill for that is $430...yea no insurance sucks. I am tired all the time so my bathrooms are filthy and there are a pile of dirty dishes. I went to the dr today, they made us wait 2 hours before seeing me. Even Lyla kept saying she wanted to go home. Anyways, enough with my complaining, my dr said everything looks great and I will have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to make sure everything is good. Lyla is pretty much 100% potty trained, she still wears a pull up at night just in case but she keeps them dry most of the time. We have been enjoying the weather by going to the park almost every day and gardening. Thats pretty much it, I cant wait to have this baby and feel like myself again.

32 Weeks


Katie Johnson said...

holy moly woman!!! how are you gonna last another 8 friggin weeks?! you're gonna EXPLODE!! lol jk. seriously though, your belly is huge. cant wait to see the baby though!

The Hamiltons said...

Holy pregnant has been so long since you posted that it is like a huge change. I felt (and looked) like jabba the hut right before I had Ryan! How exciting that you will finally have another addition to your cute family! I love reading your blog...we miss you guys. We were talking about your old house with the swing set and the trampoline and Ryan was like, "can we go over there" and its sad to think no Stefans live there anymore!!

Katie Johnson said...

p.s. are you having any kinda baby shower? or do you pretty much have everything you need from lyla?

The Clarkson Family said...

I haven't been blogging for a long time and it was so fun to read your posts and updates. I think you look cute pregnant. I know how you feel, though. Just the last 4-5 days I have started feeling super pregnant and like I have zero energy. My house is dirty too - there's food my kids have taken into the play room that I haven't cleaned up in like a week! I think this pregnancy has really kicked my butt and am ready to not be pregnant any more - at least for a few years!

I'm glad Jesse is doing better. He really is an awesome guy - most of these "clarkson" boys are. Tim is the same way, he will do anything for me even if I am being irrational. We sure are lucky girls!

That glucose test being 450 is outrageous! How much do your ultrasounds cost? Mine cost 200. Being w/o insurance is scary and costly. We have a 5000 deductible, so it's like we pay for everything unless something really goes wrong. Yeah, it's not fun.

Lyla is sure looking cute. I love the Nemo theme idea! I think you did a great job on a cake! Kids don't care if it cost you $100 for their b-day or $5, as long as you celebrate them and there's cake and ice cream. You guys are awesome for staying on a budget. Have you and Jesse read the book "The Richest Man in Babylon"? I just read it, and if I would have read it 5-10 years ago, we would be much better off financially. With Jesse so into finances, he would really like it.

Any way, we think you guys are awesome. If you ever want to get out of the cold, come visit us. It was 80 degrees this afternoon! So nice! Good luck with your pregnancy and new baby!

Miliu(iiiii)(Plurual for Milius) said...

I love that girl! I cannot wait until u have the baby so I can keep Lyla!! yea!

Brent and Janeen Carver said...

Growing!! Tests are so expensive! its rediculous! answer your experiance with the test was alright..It wasn't horribly but i had the lemon-lime kinda and it tasted like flat sprite..and syrup...blehhh. So you had the orange and red? sounds quite better just the thought!! Good luck! the baby will be here soon!!