Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cali Family Visit

JoAnn, Jay, Josh, Janson, Jenni, and Theresa all drove up from California to visit. They got here Sunday night and we stayed up till 12 or so talking. Monday was nice and sunny so we went to the park for about 3 hours, played tennis and ate lunch. After that we went out for some ice cream. We had to pick up Jesses brother Joe from the train station(he lives in Salt Lake) at 6 then we went out to eat at Garcia's(love the chips and dip). After that we went bowling and played arcades for about 3 hours which was really fun. We got back to my house around 11 I think and we turned a movie on, pretty much everyone fell asleep before the movie was half over. It was a very busy day. (I was surprised that I could keep up!) On Tuesday we had a family friend drive up from Payson and we hung out and played games. We drove to Salt Lake and we to the planetarium(not sure if I spelt that right). It was free and to tell you the truth, it was really boring haha. After that we went out to eat then went to Joes apartment to hang out. They all stayed there that night but Jesse and I went home. We got home around midnight and we were pooped. I am still recovering from those two busy days. Thanks for coming up and visiting us Michelsen family! Here are a few pics from the planetarium and of my belly.

We had to walk down the street from where we parked in the pooring rain fighting crazy britney spears fans(she was having a concert there I guess). Lyla didn't seem to even notice the rain.

That is one big elevator.

"Look! I'm on TV!"

36 1/2 weeks...only 3 1/2 weeks to go!

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