Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My little brothers school has a little carnival every year and we finally had a chance to go. They have bouncers and little games. Lyla wasn't interested in the bouncers but she loved following her uncle Scot and cousin Brielle around.

Lyla fishing

She won a piece of candy which she enjoyed more than anything else.

Waiting in the line for the bouncer, Lyla decided to take a rest.

Lyla was very hesitant, and kids kept pushing her down. Part way through we had to just get her out. We got in line for another one that you just jump in and we waited for at least 45 minutes, once we got up there Lyla was too scared to jump and wound up not going on at all...

Face painting...Lyla said,"I cute!"

Lacee was very good and just snuggled with Jesse the whole time.

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