Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day 09

Christmas morning at my house was ok, Lyla had been sick and when we woke her up she came in played with her cart for 5 minutes then laid on the ground and fell asleep...Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for but there are many Christmas' to come.

Didn't think we had that many presents...what a mess!(Yes that is Lyla asleep on Jesse's lap. Also if you look closely you can read Jesse's shirt which says "Golden Boy" on it...it was a gift from work and he loves it! It's from Seinfeld in case you didn't know already...)

Lacee was having so much fun with the trash...she didn't touch her toys...

This was the door to the room all the presents were in at my moms house. They had to keep the kids out somehow...

My Dad

awwwwww so sweet huh?

This is my sister in law Monica holding up the gift I gave her, the middle picture is one of their wedding and the other two are pictures of her son Mauro which I took without her knowing...She loved it so much she started crying. I'm so happy that she liked it.

This is what I got for my grandparents. It's a picture of all us ten Stefan kids.

Kids waiting patiently to open there gifts.

I took portraits of all my sibling and framed them for my mom.

My mom started crying which made my dad cry which made my sisters Katie and Kristin cry...They were mostly tears of joy and maybe just a little sadness...

I had a great Christmas and im a little sad that its over but looking forward to a brand new year.


Katie said...

I love these!! will you email me them so I can print them out and scrapbook? including the big family photos? yes? please? thanks.

Katie said...

p.s. DAD CRIED?!?!