Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Can you believe I have lived in Utah for over 4 years and have never gone to Lagoon till recently? I live 5 minutes away...Before I went I thought it was lame, I mean, nothing compares to Disneyland right? Now that I have been, it still doesn't compare to Disneyland but it is a pretty great place. There are tons of rides for little kids with like 2 minute waiting times. No waiting in line for an hour for a short ride like peter pan...They also have the water park which my girls LOVED! I would definitely go again!! Hopefully next time Jesse can come too.

I had to put this picture up and show how ridiculous David looks on this imagine his mom cheering him on from the sideline...(true story...)

I love how excited Lyla looks on this ride.

My girls!


Anonymous said...

Hi Karly, Seriously, you and Kristin need to open your own Photography Business. The pictures you both take are cuter then any I have ever seen taken in a studio.

Love, Mimi

The Hamiltons said...

Your girls are so cute and they are getting so big. I love the though of David getting cheered on by his made me laugh! You are a great photographer.