Tuesday, February 1, 2011

He's Here!!

Parker Jay Michelsen
1-28-11 7:11PM
Wt-7lbs 11oz Ht-20"

Labor Story

35 weeks dilated 1cm 60% effaced. Contractions here and there.
36 weeks dilated 2cm 60-70% effaced. Had contractions one night 3 minutes apart for 6 hours before dying off. I was a little freaked out cause I was only 36 weeks!
37 weeks dilated 3cm 70% effaced. More contractions but not regular.
38 weeks dilated 4cm 70% effaced. Got membranes stripped. Midwife said to come in in two days and if anything is different then I will be admitted to Labor and delivery. So went in on Friday and was dilated to a 5!! So went on to L&D around 9:30am! Which is when they attempted to start my IV...Long story short after three times getting stuck with a needle and the needle not going up my vain(OUCH!)...they had to get the guy that does the epidurals to get it in! Anyways, my midwife came and broke my water and I was told to walk around a little. I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes but they weren't getting stronger. After a little dose of pitocin they were the strongest I have ever felt them. At that point I thought ok this is enough, I want my epidural now and of course it feels like an eternity before they come. I was 6cm at that point so I was progressing. At around 6:30pm I was at a 10!

So started pushing around that time...the babys heart rate was dropping cause his cord was around his neck and they thought they were going to have to use the vacuum which they did with Lacee and I really wanted to do it by myself this time. They gave me some oxygen and just then the baby turned and took pressure off the cord and his heart rate went back to normal. So the pushing continued and 31 minutes later he was here!! No vacuum was needed!!! We were all laughing that he was born at 7:11 and he weighed 7lbs 11oz. Just then my midwife said that I didn't tear at all!! Which means less recovery time.

Anyways, I was in the hospital for a couple nights and am now home. Jesse has some vacation days so he is watching the girls and I am very grateful for that. I am also greatful for my sister who watched my girls while I was in the hospital, I know it couldn't of been easy watching her own 3 kids and mine at the same time. I will make it up to you Kristin!!!

ps- The failed IV attempts were more painful then anything else that night!! That will be what I dread the most next time...


Clarkson said...

First off, congrats! And second - WHY is it that those dumb IV's hurt SO bad??? Ugh!

Kristin Milius said...

I enjoyed it...I love those girls. It was crazy and loud and everything was dirty but we had a great time!! Just glad P-man is happy and healthy!