Friday, May 25, 2012

Palm Springs

My in-laws have a time share in Palm Springs and they let us use their points while we were in Cali. We stayed at this really awesome resort. The room had a master bedroom and a kitchen. The hotel had a great kitty pool and our kids LOVED it. It even had a slide. Thank you JoAnn and Jeff for letting us stay there!

Parker sleeping in his floaty.
This is how they slept most

We took the kids to this cool candy store which they loved at first...then the lady that works there told me with a huge attitude not to let my kids scoop their candy cause they might touch the candy. Lyla then started crying thus ruining our trip to the candy store. Then to top it off it was $20 bucks for half bags of candy...ALSO Lacee had to go to the bathroom so Jesse took her to the restaurant next door and even though there was no customers there they refused to let them use the bathroom.
This is when she was upset.

So we loved being in Palm Springs but have to remember next time that it is not kid friendly...

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