Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

We spent Christmas eve and Christmas Day at my parents house up here in Utah. It was fun and exhausting at the same time. They got a Wii and my arm was sore the next day just from bowling! I must be really out of shape. The food was awesome, nobody wanted the traditional turkey so my aunt brought ham and my parents made prime rib and everyone else was in charge of the sides which were also very good. Here are only a couple pics of it all.

After Christmas we drove down to California for a week to visit the Michelsen fam.
On Sunday we went to church then after played this board game. We had to put makeup on Joe and he had to sit there the rest of the game like that. Janson had to draw a mustache and glasses on his face, it was really funny.

On Monday they all went snowboarding, Jesse and I are sick of the snow so we didn't go but they all had fun.

Tuesday we went to disneyland!! I was so excited cause I love Disneyland even though Jesse hates it. I was also excited about Lyla going for the first time. I didn't take very many pics cause I video taped a lot instead. She wasn't too sure about it all at first. Her first smile of the day was when she saw the dumbo ride. She fell asleep right when we got on the Its a Small World ride so of course we had to go on it again when she woke up. She seemed to like it but still not too many smiles, she was too busy looking at everything. At the end of the night we had to buy her something since it was her first time there so we got this really cute VERY overpriced little minnie mouse beanie.

Wednesday we had a new years eve party. Not too many people came but we played some games which was really fun. I fell asleep at 11:45...I was too tired to care about anything else but sleep.

Thursday we went to my Grandparents house for lunch and to watch the rose bowl. It was nice that my brother came and saw Lyla since he hadn't seen her in over a year. My aunt and uncle got a dog which Lyla loved to chase around. So it was a pretty nice relaxing day.

Friday we all went to the beach. I was excited to go cause I hadn't been since we went to Hawaii forever ago. We got there and it was very cold. There was nobody around. We ate some burgers and flew some kites. Then everyone was ready to come home.

Saturday was Jesse's birthday so we went to a very yummy japanese food restaurant. We left at about 10pm to drive home...we drove the whole way and got there at 8:30am. We were all exhausted and glad to be home.

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