Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here is a new picture of my belly at 25 weeks. Everything so far is great besides the fact that I am now lactose intolerant. My favorite thing to eat is cereal so i'm pretty bummed about that.

This picture is of little orphan Lyla. She will be 2 on Feb. 2nd...I can't believe how big she is. At the moment she LOVES Finding Nemo(which is "Monee" in Lyla's words). I have been wanting to throw her a birthday party so we decided to make it a nemo theme(will post pics afterwards of course).

ps- Jesse is doing a little better. He still can't drive or walk very good so he is working from home which is nice. He says that he isn't that dizzy if he just sits there but if he walks or turns his head then he gets nausous. I hope he gets better soon so he doesn't have to be miserable anymore.


The John Clarksons said...

You look cute Karly! Glad to hear Jesse is doing a bit better.

Katie Johnson said...

wow. she IS lil orphan lyla!! so beautiful though :) p.s. you're belly's getting big! sorry to hear about being lactose intolerant. it could be worse though, at least you're not food intolerant like my sis in law.