Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6 weeks old

Fathers Day! What a good daddy.

Lacee wasn't too happy...

Dawson is always trying to hug Lyla and Lyla is always trying to push him away. Poor guy.

Lacee is 6 weeks old! She has been sleeping better lately thank goodness, she has smiled a few times, and she went a week without pooping(which I guess is normal for some babies?)

She likes to open that one eye to see whats going on.


Kristin Milius said...

Sooo cute!!!!!! I love those girls!! Her popeye is hilarious. She definatly has a Lyla look about her, I know she looks different but I cannot place it.

Katie Johnson said...

these kids are definitely THE cutest.

Clarkson said...

You guys all look good! I can't believe how cute the girls are.